Ebay’s chief executive has added weight to Google’s antitrust defence by saying that the pair are direct competitors in online shopping, echoing the US search group’s claim that Brussels misunderstands how people buy products online.eBay首席执行官约翰多纳霍(John Donahoe)的言论反对了美国搜寻集团谷歌(Google)的反垄断申辩。他说道,eBay与谷歌在网络购物领域是必要竞争对手,这交织了谷歌的众说纷纭。谷歌曾声称,布鲁塞尔方面没解读人们的在线购物方式。

John Donahoesaid in an interview with the Financial Times that barriers were breaking down between different areas of online commerce. The auction website chief’s comments support arguments already made by Google in its first response to the European Commission’s landmark competition case.在拒绝接受英国《金融时报》专访时,多纳霍回应,有所不同电商领域之间的壁垒正在超越。该拍卖会网站CEO的言论,反对了谷歌首次对此欧盟委员会(European Commision)反垄断案时的众说纷纭。Brussels’ complaint, announced this month, focuses on a claim that Google has abused its dominance of web search to squeeze out rival specialist shopping search engines by favouring its own in-house service.本月,欧盟发布了对谷歌的控告,重点是指控谷歌因涉嫌欺诈在网络搜寻方面的主导地位,通过偏向其旗下服务的方式,将其在购物搜索引擎方面的输掉排斥出有市场。

Google has responded by saying that European regulators have not recognised how it is dwarfed in online shopping by eBay and Amazon, making questions about how it handles product queries on its own site beside the point.谷歌回应对此称之为,欧洲监管机构没认识到谷歌在网络购物领域比eBay和亚马逊(Amazon)逊色许多,以致其对谷歌网站处置商品查找方式的批评离题万里。Asked if eBay was a direct competitor of Google Shopping, Mr Donahoe said: “Yes…We are a strong commerce competitor [of Google’s].”在被问及eBay是否是谷歌购物(Google Shopping)必要竞争对手时,多纳霍回应:“到底……我们是(谷歌的)强大商业输掉。